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Zandvliet Wine Estate Announces Wacky Wine Festival 2015 Line Up
Zandvliet Wine Estate and ClemenGold have teamed up to bring you a fun filled, festive Wacky Wine Weekend! ...

To find expression for Zandvliet's unique terroir in your glass through the combined efforts of the diverse individuals that proudly call Zandvliet their home.
Our story, the story of Zandvliet and the De Wet family, is all about honouring tradition but, at the same time, being open to fresh ideas and maintaining the highest standards of quality. Whether it be with our artisanal, hand-crafted wines or finding and nurturing the best bloodstock for our thoroughbred stud, we are guided by the demands of a modern world where only the best is good enough.

Our forefathers were winemakers when South Africa was still a fledgling Dutch colony in the late 17th century. They eventually moved east to settle in the rugged, fragrant scrubland of Robertson two centuries later. The De Wets have been on Zandvliet since 1870, planting vines, making wine and rearing thoroughbred racehorses.

The secret to our success – beside a deep, abiding love of the land, fine wine and good food, and horses with heart – lies locked in the soils of Zandvliet. Known as calcareous Karoo, with a red clay underlay dotted with pockets of chalky limestone, what we call our kalkveld grows pristine pasture, Lucerne and oats rich in minerals and nutrients to nourish the strong, beautiful bodies of our champions of the racetrack.

That same balance of power and elegance can be found in our wines. It is the result, we believe, of the naturally firm acidity and concentrated fruit of the grapes we harvest from our vines. Current viticultural and winemaking expertise combined with our intimate, enduring relationship with our piece of heaven on earth have allowed us to discover special places: like our ancient Hill of Enon, a geologically anomalous rocky outcrop with its limestone patches dating back to the Upper Jurassic period, source of our signature shirazes.

But all our wines: red, white and rosé; from the Kalkveld range of classics for the connoisseur to the vintner’s My Best Friend selection for everyday enjoyment; are the kind of wines we like to drink ourselves. We hope you enjoy them as much. Come and discover Zandvliet wines: a special selection that we have made it our life’s work to perfect.
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